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Landscaping at Rustic Fence Co.

A landscape gardener from our professional staff can bring your property to life. If you are not sure quite where to start, we offer several examples of past work we have done and are happy to help with initial ideas that you can later tailor as you please. For our landscaping services, we offer several different plant combinations that can create a visually pleasing scene characterized by contrast, proportion, scale, and balance. We have advanced knowledge of all the different plant varieties and can provide advice on the best ones for your property. If you want to improve the look of your garden, our topsoil & mulch application might be just the thing you need! Topsoil sits between the surface and subsoil of your flower beds, and mulch sits on the top of the flowerbed to prevent weeds from growing, and to retain moisture. Our landscape designer can also provide you with lawn care maintenance. Keeping your lawn freshly mowed and your trees & shrubs pruned can make a big difference in the overall look of your yard.

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